What Are the Best Advanced Training Drills for U13 Competitive Soccer Teams?

What Are the Best Advanced Training Drills for U13 Competitive Soccer Teams?

Are you coaching a competitive, travel, or academy soccer team and seeking challenging training drills to sharpen their skills and elevate their performance? Look no further! Here are five advanced training drills designed to push your team to the next level:

1. Passing Diamond with Overlapping Runs

Objective: Enhance passing accuracy, timing, and off-the-ball movement.

Setup: Create a diamond-shaped grid with cones, approximately 20 yards apart. Divide players into groups of five, with one player positioned at each cone and one player in the center.

Instructions: Players pass the ball around the diamond, incorporating overlapping runs. The player in the center acts as a pivot, receiving and distributing the ball quickly. Emphasize precision, speed, and coordination between players.

2. Dynamic Dribbling Circuit

Objective: Develop dribbling skills, close control, and agility under pressure.

Setup: Set up a circuit of cones, hurdles, and agility poles in a random pattern, creating a challenging course.

Instructions: Players navigate the circuit while performing various dribbling techniques, including feints, cuts, and changes of direction. Encourage players to maintain control of the ball at high speed and react quickly to obstacles.

3. Finishing Drills: "Shooting in Traffic"

Objective: Improve shooting accuracy and composure in crowded areas.

Setup: Divide players into two groups, one group of attackers and one group of defenders. Position a goalkeeper in goal.

Instructions: Attackers attempt to score while navigating through a congested area created by defenders. Encourage attackers to use quick footwork, body feints, and deceptive movements to create shooting opportunities. Defenders focus on maintaining defensive shape and closing down space effectively.

4. Small-Sided Games: "Possession with Transition"

Objective: Enhance possession skills while emphasizing quick transitions between attack and defense.

Setup: Divide players into two teams and set up a small-sided game in a grid with goals on each end.

Instructions: Teams compete to maintain possession of the ball while looking for opportunities to score. When possession is lost, players must transition quickly into a defensive shape to win the ball back. Emphasize fast decision-making, communication, and intensity.

5. Defensive Drills: "2v2 Pressing and Covering"

Objective: Develop defensive principles such as pressure, cover, and communication in a small-sided game scenario.

Setup: Divide players into pairs and set up a playing area with goals on each end.

Instructions: Players engage in a 2v2 game where one pair defends while the other attacks. Emphasize coordinated pressing to win the ball back quickly and cover responsibilities to deny scoring opportunities. Rotate pairs frequently to maximize repetitions.


These advanced training drills are designed to challenge and inspire your competitive, travel, or academy soccer team while fostering essential skills for success at the highest levels. Tailor the drills to suit the specific needs and abilities of your players, and watch as they rise to the challenge and reach new heights on the field!

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